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I don’t like it

It doesn’t have any animals or fun filters. If you know the app photo booth its a knock of of that. Please don’t get this.

Nice game



I just want those extra filters

Face Filters

I will create my photos and videos for amazingly photos and videos for my friends 😎❤️😊


In love- Needs more cool stuff like ghost feature.


The filters weren't even that good, and even after I deleted the app it won't get off of my phone!

Fun with friends but can be boring

So much fun when u can talk to each other and make funny faces and noises so it is a fun game but trust me not the best because gets boring.



Cute filters

To make some funny expressions of my face it helps nicely. I have used almost every mirror and add different type music to make a funny face. Nice concept like Snapchat. Cute one.

I guess....

This app has awesome filters but the camera does not work nor the voice changer. I was hoping better!😬😬😬

Really bad

It only have 8 filters and the rest all the filters the app makes you pay about 6 Dollars





Simple but good filters

Most of the time after looking apps screenshot seems this will be a extra ordinary something unfortunately reality is different for mine.but It’s actually works what it say exactly. At first i just try this only with the free version and after sharing block head, alien and light bulbs my all friends asked me about this. But when i try to write something I feel some crisis in this app. Important need from my side is it should increase some special features. Sound collection list is quite ok but as a user i need more sound effects to make appropriate video with it. Some other face filters apps use some special stickers but in here there is nothing and no option to add additional stickers. Paid filters are ok but i missed panda, zombies 😞 . Hope that next version will be better. Overall it’s ok 🙂

Pretty good

It’s very funny and i think its much easier then other this type app. Excellent sound effects and those are appropriate. I can be a monster, alien, puppy or many other characters. Nice filters.

Great photo filtering app with voice effects

Lots of the face effects are available in here. I can use sounds effects to related face filters and it's very much funny to me.all the sound effects are nice at all.I've had no problems with it so far. It's a pretty good app. ❤️ this.

Funny face app

It’s really hilarious. To much funny to make a face caricature in different way. Additional advantage is audio effects on edited videos. Both the pictures are allowed to effects.All the effects like sketch, alean, xRay every one is different from other and able to change face. I think this app is not only for young kids also for all ages people.

Nice face filters

Now I can filter my face and much more. This is a fun way to take selfies video or snap having to get dressed up all the time! I think it is great substitute of Snapchat. Really it's funny and amazing app. This is guaranteed the best face filters ever.

Funny cartoon face effect

Lots of funny face effects and both are perfect for photos and videos. Puppy ( I always want to look like this type)pig nose , monster, sketch all seems to me like cartoon and all are very much funny and attractive. I can speak on this effected videos and share this with my buddies. Simple but cool app.

Don't Get it

There is no difference between the full purchased app and the free version. This is a scam.id like a refund for being lied to




Deleted after my first three attempts at using were interrupted by advertising-

I really like the app

I've had a lot of fun with this app. I'm a dad and a grandpa and my kids think I'm a little nutty while my grandkids think I'm very cool and up to date😊 It also enhances my sense of humor👏😋😂


Great app

Truth is... it's horrible

Honestly I read all the reviews and was excited..... even purchased the full package.... what a mistake!!!!! When you record With the voices and playback it's more of a whisper... filters them self are ridiculous and not in a good way.... and when you attempt to contact someone for help or "feedback" is says it's not available.... so if I can save you the time effort and money... do not get!!!! In no way shape or form is this even close to snap chat filters or even fun after the constant crashes, ads and etc

I hate this app but..

I hate this app but...



Just got it!

Enjoy looking around at all the possibilities

Pretty fun

I've had the app for 5 minutes, but it's funny so far.


I hate this game. Adds pop up every second you can barely take a picture. And you only get like five filters and voices unless you pay 6$ for the whole game. Don't waste your time.

Great app

Love the app, have been having a great time using it.

Totally radical

Love how you can see multiple effects at one time, cool and easy app to use!

Nice app

Face filters for snapchat is great app, it can change people mind not only face, it is really interesting and funny, I like it, thanks.

Good app

Very good app I love this app I also use this app for my photos edit good job

Nice Game

Fun and relax game, cute face filter for snapchat, I love it so mush , I like to play this game, will recommend to all my friends,..........

Best face filter app

Awesome face filter for Snapchat . Easy and enjoy to play this app . Love it so much . I will share it for my friend


This is crud because you have to pay six extra dollars 💵 for most of the filters!!!!!!!!! I recommend you don't get it unless you like to spend six extra dollars....... 👎😠😑😫😧😲😦😒😞😔😟😕🙁☹️😣😖😫 Two stars ⭐️⭐️

Wonderful app

Now great job really nice app many features in this aapchange your voice for ultimate funthis is my favorite app

Face filters

Excellent app! Loved the filters, it's funny. Appreciated work done by developers👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Funny face filters 😂😂

It can change people mind not only face. This is really funny. I am using this app and I can't stop myself to lough. Lots of photo effects are here which can totally change your face and makes you different. Lots of voice are included in this app. I really love it. Thank you.

Awesome App

Face filters has the full functionality of photo taking, processing and video making. It supports snap chat, photo filters and video camera. It is a really cool app which you must have 👍👍

Amazing app

Interesting face filters for snapchat , i use it everyday and everywhere , really enjoy to use this app , true best app

Face filter for snapchat

Really great for snapchat. Many effect for video in this app . I will share this app for everyone and my friend . Really interesting to use this app

Holy Ads

Every photo triggers an ad.

sooooo funny

really it,s too much funny Face filter app i just love it. thanks for make this app.

Funny face filters and nice voice effects

It can change my photo and makes my voice funny. I love most of its face effects. But Alean, Monster, swirl, Dracula I like most. Very easily it can change my face!! Wow!!! I will make my videos and I'll share video in YouTube. I hope my buddies will be happy with this friend.

Nice face filter app

This one is funny. Very simple app.one can change his face and voice with it. To make fun I think this is great. There are lots of face effects in this app and all the effects are different from other. Sharing process is easy and permits almost every social network.


Love using this great app, its really awesome idea and it gas great fun as well. Graphics are awesome and works very smoothly. Love it

Amazing face filter app

Wow great job really nice apps many features in this apps change your voice for ultimate fun,sketch effect,funny pop art for snapchat many features include but my favourite is funny face filter.........download now! Enjoy yourself👍👍👍👍👍👍

Nice app

Great app.Now I can easily share all my videos to all the social networks.No need to go to the different platform to share the videos.

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